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CAPEX Financing

Growing your business requires significant investment, incurs financial costs, and is a burden to your firm’s balance sheet. Rent your equipment instead of acquiring it. With our platform, your firm will be able to easily convert investment into operating expenditures, while lowering financing costs, diversifying funding sources, and alleviating the balance sheet.

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Invoice Trading

Wait no more for your account receivables. Easily convert invoices into cash by selling them in our platform directly to investors through a competitive auctioning system. Instant liquidity to help you focus on your business only.

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Focus on your business,
not on your finances.


Sell your pending invoices for immediate cash or obtain funding at low rates for financing your investments. Go directly to investors, no intermediaries needed.


Earn attractive yields in either short or long term investments by buying invoices directly from firms or crowdfunding fixed assets.

Our solutions

Easier access to credit.
For everyone.

Our solutions

Fund your capital expenditure through Daskap

How it works:

  • Identify the asset(s) you wish to use and its market value

  • Define your terms (APR, maturity, etc.) and start a funding request

  • Wait for investors to finance the acquisition of the asset(s)

  • Pay a rent according to the agreed terms

  • Get an optional extension upon reaching maturity

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Our solutions

Trade your invoices for immediate cash with Daswork

How it works:

  • Upload the invoice

  • Wait for the approval of your client

  • Set a reserve price and start a competitive auction

  • Sell to the highest bidder

  • Get the cash immediately

  • Your client pays the invoice to the investor when due

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Computing Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) when a firm is selling invoices

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We’re ironing out our platform so we can offer decentralised financing services to as many firms and investors as possible. Until then, join our waiting list and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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